My professional work for IT programs and software projects since more than 20 years in different roles made me exited to learn more about organisational structures and communication in teams.


Tanja Bäcker

As a change facilitator and business coach I am interested in discovering the potential of team members or groups and to connect their strength to the overall business objectives.

I am using visualizations for my work, which helps individuals and groups to locate themselves in a bigger picture. Being now connected to the bigger picture makes it more easy to change perspectives and to get the general idea.

Tanja am FlipChart
Visual Storytelling

Visualisations are extremely helpful in the IT world for process designs, project planning, as-is analysis, strategy creation and action planning as well as the design of what is to be achieved. My experience as a computer scientist, software developer, requirements engineer and IT project manager is very benefitial for connecting technical world with the business world.

But not only in the IT world, also in other domains (e.g. fashion) I do accompany small enterprises as a facilitator through their change ventures. Enthusiastic feedback from my customers indicates that creative processes are triggered when getting involved into other ways of creating something new. And working with huge visualizations is new definitely new to most of my customers.

Tanja Bäcker

Tanja Bäcker

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